The Founder

Born in Doha, 1948 Sheikh Faisal is both a pioneer in the cultural world and one of the Middle East's most influential business leaders. Sheikh Faisal's passion and dedication to collecting art and artefacts of international significance has been stimulated by his travels undertaken to build the immensely successful business conglomerate, Al-Faisal Holding. Through opening the Museum in 1998, Sheikh Faisal realised his ambition to give the people of Qatar and beyond the opportunity to share his passion and benefit from the unique and extraordinary collections it holds.

The collections mirror the journeys that Sheikh Faisal has taken across numerous countries over the last 55 years. Each rare and precious piece is not only a record of the time and place from which it came, but also of the personal journey made by Sheikh Faisal. The depth and breadth of his interests, particularly in preserving Qatari and Islamic heritage, is clearly demonstrated within the museum's unique collections. Sheikh Faisal's constant eye for history, heritage, beauty and authenticity is ever-present, guiding the visitor on a magical journey through time and place. Sheikh Faisal has many favourite pieces in the museum.

In 2012, Sheikh Faisal received the well-deserved title of 'Heritage personality for 2012' under the patronage of the League of Arab States, the Arab Center for Tourism Media. The award identifies an individual that has been active in encouraging the preservation of heritage in the Arab world.