Object Lending Procedures

Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al Thani Museum distinguishes between two categories of those who borrow objects for use:

  • a. Museums and institutions
  • b. Private requests


Objects to museums and researching institutions are loaned 'free of charge' (free of loan and handling fee).
A handling fee will be charged to every private applicant

The application to borrow objects must be submitted at least three months in advance of the starting date of when the objects are to be borrowed. Applications are accepted for processing after a written request has been sent to the Museum Director. The application must contain the following information.

Information regarding the loan:

  • purpose of the loan (use for exhibition, research, etc.)
  • brief project description
  • period of loan
  • itemised list of objects, including object number and title of each object


If the loan is intended for use in an exhibition:

  • exhibition period
  • exhibition name
  • location(s) of exhibition
  • if applicable: dates for each exhibition venue


Information regarding the borrower:

  • name and address of the institution requesting to borrow objects
  • contact person (name, telephone, postal address, e-mail)
  • current facility report for the institution