Visitor Tips

Plan ahead: We advise visitors to book a tour guide in advance in order to have a proper explanation of the collections.
Please book your visit here.

Directions: The road to Al-Samriya is changing due to road construction.
We suggest you check here for an updated map to the museum.

Weather: We suggest wearing loose clothing and flat shoes to make your journey around the museum easy and comfortable.

Pack a Picnic: The museum café is under construction, so we suggest to those who plan to spend time at the museum to pack a light snack that can be enjoyed on the benches outside the museum.

Food and Drinks: Food and drinks are not permitted inside the museum.

No Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the museum.

Children: The museum welcomes children. However, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Group Visits: Groups of more than 10 people should inform the museum of their visit beforehand.

Cancelations: If an individual or group made a booking and cannot attend, please notify us by emailing: